Professional Courses

English is the international language of business and at ELSIS we understand many professionals working in Australia and throughout the world may feel challenged in day-to-day business dealings with their clients, colleagues and stakeholders due to:

  • their level of professional English language competency,
  • the level of confidence in interacting with colleagues and clients at a professional level in an English-speaking business environment,
  • or inexperience in working and interacting in the local culture.

ELSIS Professional Courses provide quality, practical training in professional Business English language skills that assist our clients to communicate effectively within their own workplaces and in their business dealings across the globe.

Our aim is to ensure that each valued client not only benefits from their training but also enjoys their experience with us.

Our Highly-qualified ELSIS Professional trainers are focused on providing coaching which addresses the language and cross-cultural requirements of each participant’s professional role and in consideration of future professional development.

ELSIS Professional Courses include:

Professional Communication Course – Writing and speaking/communicating in the workplace.
English Writing for Professionals Course- writing emails, reports, meeting documents.
Presentation Skills Course – presenting to meetings and groups confidently.
Pronunciation Course – improved communication with clients, colleagues and stakeholders.
Customer Service Course - communicating well establish rapport and build relationships.

ELSIS Professional English language skills training complements your individual professional development and supports your ongoing professional success by providing the opportunity for you to improve your overall professionalism and effectiveness in your workplace.

At ELSIS Professional we custom make our course to meet our clients needs.

To request additional information or to enrol in one of our professional courses, please email [email protected]

*ELSIS Professional courses are non-accredited courses. Students on student visas can not apply for a CoE to study these courses.