Living In Australia

Living in Australia you will join international students from more than 130 countries who have chosen to live and study in Australia, a country where the lifestyle, quality of living and education is amongst the very best in the world.

Why study in Australia? What makes Australia rather than other countries such a popular choice with international students from all around the world?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why Australia is the destination of choice for so many students just like you…

Welcoming and friendly

Australia not only offers you world-class education, Australian people are widely considered to be very friendly and welcoming. As a multicultural country Australians warmly welcome people from many diverse cultures and religions who wish to live and study in Australia.

Safe, liveable cities

Major Australian cities have been ranked in the top ten of the world’s safest cities, (The Safest Cities Index 2019). Australia has long been regarded as a safe country to live, work and study.

Transport, which is also is safe and efficient, includes buses, an extensive rail system, light rail and in some cities, ferries. All you need is one card, the Opal Card, to travel easily on all types of transport while you study in Australia.

A Great Lifestyle

Australians enjoy a lifestyle and quality of life that is ranked amongst the best worldwide.

Living in multicultural Australia with warm, sunny weather, you will find that Australians embrace an outdoor lifestyle as well as many cultural experiences including festivals. A wide range of sports, as well as a beach lifestyle, surfing, barbeques, camping and boating are popular. You can also visit and enjoy modern and traditional art galleries, museums, modern shopping centres, great cafes and beautiful parks.

Amazing places to visit and unique wildlife

Outside of the cities there are some interesting and spectacular places for you to experience. Stunning beaches and coastlines such as the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, the white sands of Jervis Bay in New South Wales and the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Also, striking landscapes such as The Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, The Snowy Mountains where you can ski in winter, and the famous Uluru are worth a visit.

While you’re studying in Australia you’ll have the chance to meet our unique, renowned marsupials including kangaroos, koalas and wombats too!

Choosing to study in Australia will not only provide you with world-class education but also wonderful opportunities, amazing experiences and great adventure!!

Working while you study

As Australia has a strong economy, students who would like to work generally don’t have a problem securing a part-time job.

International students granted a Student Visa are permitted to work 40 hours per fortnight while they are studying.

There are a number of advantages to working in Australia. These include providing you with extra income to cover your expenses, meeting people, learning new skills and networking.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to practise your English!

Before you start work you will need to apply for an Australian Tax File Number. Information regarding your application for a Tax File Number is available on the Australian Taxation Office website.