Student Welfare and Counselling Services

ELSIS Student Welfare and Counselling Services:

ELSIS provides free counselling services for students who are experiencing personal difficulties or need help to settle with their new life in Australia.

Depending on your circumstances, you may request a face to face meeting, an urgent telephone call, a video call or a zoom meeting.

You can arrange a meeting by calling 1300 687 327 or visiting the following website: and logging in through the Converge Portal Login.

If you would like help booking, please speak to one of our helpful student services officers.

You can download Converge International’s ‘EAP Connect’ App through the Apple and Google Play store to your phone/laptop, so that you have easy access to these services, whenever you want. This App can be used to make bookings, change appointments and to access mindfulness activities.

Counselling services are confidential and free of charge for all ELSIS students.

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