Melbourne deserves its place as one of the most cultured cities in Australia. It has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and is considered to be the most "European" Australian urban centre. Featuring excellent public transport facilities, a high standard of education and great commercial opportunities, it is a very interesting place to live and visit.




Melbourne generally has a continental climate with unpredictable weather. It can be warm one day and cool the next. The weather in summer tends to warm up around late January with temperatures rising to 40 degrees centigrade on some occasions.

Summer December – February 14 – 25 °C
Autumn March – May 11 – 20 °C
Winter June – August 6 – 14 °C
Spring September – November 10 – 20 °C

Visit Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology website for more information.

Weather Forecast

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Entertainment & Places to Visit

Melbourne has a vibrant nightlife as well as many other attractions.With so many options, there is always something to do.

For more information please visit the City of Melbourne Council.

Health Facilities

If you came to Australia on a student visa, you have already paid for health insurance together with your tuition fees. This gives you insurance cover with OSHC Worldcare for basic medical and hospital fees all over Australia. When you visit the doctor, pay the bill and keep the receipt. Apply online (www. for a refund of the standard doctor’s fee set by the Government (this may be less than the fee you paid the doctor). If you haven’t received your OSHC Worldcare card yet, (it could take 3-4 weeks to arrive), keep the doctor’s receipts until it arrives and then apply for a refund. Direct Billing means that if you hold a current OSHC Worldcare policy and attend one of the providers listed, the bill will be sent directly to OSHC Worldcare for payment and you will not have to submit a claim. Some Medical Providers may charge you a co-payment. A ‘co-payment’ is an amount that you will have to pay and that cannot be claimed for a refund. We recommend that you download the app:
If you ever have an emergency and need help from FIRE, POLICE or AMBULANCE SERVICES dial (free) 000 from ANY public telephone or mobile telephone.
Melbourne offers many doctors and dentists to choose from should you need to be treated. There are also chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, optometrists, Chinese medicine, natural therapies, and many more specialists. A very useful tool to help find any of the services you require is the yellow pages website (
Remember to bring your health care card with you to any appointment if you currently hold one.

Melbourne City Dental Group
Address: Ground Floor, 393 Swanston St,
Melbourne. Phone: (03) 9662 2638

Public Transport

Melbourne has well-developed public transport facilities for the inner city and outer suburbs. See Public Transport Victoria for all information regarding trains, trams, buses and the new ‘Myki card which is now used for all public transport. It is a card similar to a credit card which you tap against the receiver when you enter the train station/tram/bus, and tap again as you get off. Myki’s can be purchased at major train stations and local 7 Eleven stores. You can buy or put money on your myki card on the Myki website, or by calling 1800 800 007, or at a Myki machine.

Taxis are another option although they can be quite expensive for longer trips.

13 Cabs – 13 2227

Silver Top Taxis – 13 1008

Bicycles are an affordable form of transport and quite common in Melbourne. You can ride your own, or use public bicycles located throughout the CBD. Information on public bicycle paths can be found at Bike Paths and Rail Trails. Some rules to remember when riding bicycles are that an approved safety helmet must be worn, they cannot be ridden on a footpath, they must be fitted with a horn and working brakes, and when riding at night they must include front and rear lights and a reflector to make yourself visible to other vehicles on the road.


If you have had a licence in your own country for more than a year, you can apply for an Australian Driving Licence, but you must pass a driving test. If you are on a Student or Working Holiday visa and studying for 10 weeks or less you can drive using your International Licence, if you already have one.

For more information please visit VicRoads website.

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