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Every week ELSIS students have the opportunity to participate in a range of free workshops designed to help them achieve their language and academic goals, as well as increase their chances of finding a suitable job while studying.


This workshop is designed for students who are seeking a more “hands-on” practical experience in hospitality. Hospitality is a diverse and vibrant industry which provides an abundance of employment opportunities not only across Australia but the world in major hotel chains and resorts, restaurants and bars – or even in your own restaurant. This workshop will help students develop industry experience for delivering the highest standards of guest service and presentation. Your career opportunities will be unlimited and you will be highly sought after by employers.

Duration: The workshop is 2 x 1.5 hours sessions on Thursday and Friday. This course will focus on:

  • How and where to find employment
  • Presentation skills necessary
  • Function Events and Table Settings
  • Waiting and Serving
  • Customer service and handling complaints
  • “Table talk” and restaurant vocabulary
  • Top tips to be a great waiter and much much more

Work Ready Skills:

‘Work Ready Skills’ is designed for international students who don’t have work experience in Australia and need to learn the skills necessary to find employment here. On completion of the workshop students will be able to:

  • Create an attractive resume
  • Write cover letters
  • Answer common job interview questions
  • Gain a clearer understanding of Australian business and work culture
  • Understand the essential skills needed for work in Australia.

Duration: 2 x 1 hour sessions on Monday and Wednesday.

Academic Writing:

The Academic Writing workshop is for students who are seeking to improve their writing skills. The focus of this workshop is on developing a well-structured essay, learning academic vocabulary and the linking devices necessary for connecting ideas at the sentence and paragraph level. When you study at any university you will need to produce written assignments. You can expect assignments to be set and marked by your tutors/teachers or lecturers on a regular basis. These pieces of written work, often together with examinations, will be used to assess you in your course.

Producing academic written work in English can be demanding and will require careful management of your time. There may be differences to how you have done this before in your home country. You can prepare yourself better for writing academic assignments in English if you know what differences to expect.

Duration: 2 x 1 hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.


Students can have 20 minute “individual tutorials” with a teacher. This gives students an opportunity to work on areas such as pronunciation, writing, grammar, spelling or conversation fluency.

The tutorial is great for students wanting to:

  • Focus on areas that need improvement
  • Build a one on one relationship with an experienced teacher

Duration: 20 minutes, Mondays Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sign-up is essential.

IELTS Practice Test:

This workshop is for students who want to do the IELTS Reading and Listening tests. The practice tests in this section offer you the opportunity to:

  • Get to know the test format
  • Experience the types of tasks you will be asked in an IELTS exam
  • Test yourself under timed conditions
  • Review your answers and compare them with model answers.

* Duration: 1 hour, Tuesday and Thursday. Sign-up is essential

download IELTS Practice Test online.